Fitness Center and Open Gym Update

Fitness Center and Open Gym Update

The Hill Center Fitness Center and Open Gym will reopen to the SJC Community on Monday, October 26th. Due to COVID-19 restrictions put in place for NY state gyms and fitness centers, we will now use an online reservation system for any fitness center or open gym usage. You can now reserve your own individual time slot(s) using your email address.

Fitness Center reservations are 45-minute sessions starting at the top of the hour with 15 minutes set aside for cleaning. Due to capacity limits, the Fitness Center cannot have more than 6 people (4 in cardio room, 2 in weight room) at a time.

Open Gym reservations are 1 hour with a max capacity of 8 people (2 per basket). Locker rooms and showers are still offline. Please familiarize yourself with the updated rules and regulations for the Hill Center prior to booking your time slot.

Fall Fitness Center Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9 am-7 pm
Friday: 9 am-5 pm

Fall Open Gym Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9 am-3 pm

  ** Times subject to change **

The reservation system can be accessed at

Any questions can be directed to Director of Recreational Sports and Fitness Edward Campana Jr. For future Fitness and Recreation updates, follow @TheHillCenter on Instagram and Twitter.