Welcome to the St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn Compliance home page!  St. Joseph’s College prides itself on creating a positive, constructive and competitive athletic experience for everyone. One of the many components in building this culture is our successful compliance with the NCAA and Skyline Conference. 

The Compliance Office within the Athletics Department at St. Joseph’s College manages the compliance efforts, functions as a resource center concerning NCAA regulations, and serves to educate its student-athletes, coaches, administrators, faculty, staff, and boosters about NCAA rules and regulations

Mission Statement

It is St. Joseph’s College's intention and goal to be fully compliant with NCAA and Skyline Conference rules and regulations.  The athletic department is committed to the principle of institutional control through rules education for coaches, athletics department staff, institutional staff, and student-athletes of the athletics program. 

It is the responsibility of every individual involved with St. Joseph’s College Athletics to be aware of the rules which govern participation in collegiate athletics.  This website will serve as a reference to many of the NCAA Division III rules that may apply to athletics representatives. Many of the applicable situations have been included, but not all. If you need specific information about Division III athletics that is not included on this website or have further questions, please email Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student-Athlete Services Sharon Abbate.